Monday, December 1, 2008

Attention: Your Gate Has Been Changed. (Your Life is Now Weird).

I've probably looked at the U.S. Airways Departures board every two minutes for the past hour and a half. I want there to be more than just one flight to Dayton today! But, of course, the only flight out to the charming Dayton, OH departs at approximately 1:29pm. I will arrive in Dayton, hopefully, by 3:30, where I will proceed to run like a freak (with my arms flailing, of course) to my car and speed all the way home (assuming that my car is still in the parking lot...I don't remember if I locked up Emily before I left or not...ehhh) so that I can get to Starbucks on wait on the delectable characters of Brown street who are dotingly taking part in the Starbucks (RED) cause for the day...until close. Or midnight. Whichever comes...more naturally. And I was supposed to be home yesterday...yay for flight cancellations (and never-ending traffic!) !

Annnnd...Yay for a very, very short Thanksgiving break. Which, by the way, was short...did I mention that my vacation away from Hell (the Hell with... creepily nice folk) was too short? Well. In case I didn't, now you know. Though, my break did have its up sides. It was my first vegetarian Thanksgiving! Yay! My sister made such delicious nom noms, like lentil loaf, for supper. [Her recipes are on her blog! Check them out! Yay!] Another up side: I saw all of my friends, plus more. And, I learned that I'm desirable for marriage. Sweet. Who knew?

On my first flight this morning, from Boston to New York, and in and out of REM cycles (I slept MAYBE from 2am to 5:22am this dad woke me up at exactly 5:22 of course), I was life would make such a funny movie. Seriously, everything that happens to me is kind of a sad way. But, it's only sad because it's happening to me. It'd be a funny movie. I should take Film Studies or something...learn how to write screen plays. Everyone's a narcissist, right? It would be so easy to just write about myself, and perhaps I could make millions on the hilarity that ensues in my life, and I could just do what I want with my life for forever. Like, I mean, if I had millions, just think about what I could do with my time...Weird example: This morning, when my dad was driving around the Logan Airport parking lot, there was a rope blocking off a section of the garage, and all I kept thinking was, "I wish my life had no schedule so that I could just ram my car through the rope and drive up there". I have no idea why that would be so fun...but it would.

Anyway. That's enough of my thoughts. I'm sleepy, and I'm going to my gate now. Everyone should find and watch the canceled show "Wonderfalls". Funniest show I've ever seen. See you laterz!!

<3 [The freckles in our eyes are mirror images.] <3


liz shmackenzie said...

hehehehhe you love being a freak! and dad loves waking up at 5:22am!
if your flight was at 1:30 why did you wake up at 5:22?


liz shmackenzie said...

also your title is so silly that i laughed for 2.67 days (or 4,000 minutes)

Emily said...

is your car named Emily?!

i'm glad you had a happy vegetarian thanksgiving. i hope starbucks was fun! i have a coupon for a free drink because there is AIDS in Africa. funny how that works?

your life would make an interesting movie. only if i'm in it! which i would be, because i'm in your life. so.


liz shmackenzie said...