Monday, December 8, 2008

Espresso Drinks For Thought :)

Okay, so, this silly analogy came to me while driving around Dayton late at, being alive, experiencing items, is a process. Kind of like a Caramel Macchiato. I kind of think it's stupid when customers take a caramel macchiato that I made for them and immediately stir it up without tasting it first. It's a layered drink. You're supposed to drink it in layers, and it gets sweeter the closer you get to finishing. It just does. It takes a longer time to make, and if I knew you just wanted something similar to caramel latte, then I would've just made that for you. It takes much less time and effort.

I saw someone I hadn't seen in a very long time last night, he's been going through a lot since I've seen him, and it made me think of things like this. And thinking of all the shit I've been through recently. I constantly try to stir up my life, and make things seem better more quickly, but I never know what I'm getting myself into... kind of like I ordered the wrong drink. And somehow, I always leave. I always leave right before I start getting a taste for what life is like, before it develops, just as I've been taught.

In life, we make caramel macchiatos. And then we drink it up!

We all order the wrong drinks. But, I shall tell you my dear, it will get sweeter.

On a side note: I'm eating a bowl of plant life. Om nom nom.

10 more days. :)


Nicole said...

Does want. Except vegan. I also want a bowl of plant life, what kinds of life are you eating?! Also, are you going to work at Starbucks in NoHo when you get back?! Liz mentioned you might and I don't usually (ever) go there, but I just may have to stop in if you scored a job there. I promise I won't stir your macchiato before I sip it.

liz shmackenzie said...

Trueeee but also sometimes you can accept that you're unhappy and do something to change that. Obviously you're not going to be happy just by the pure virtue of moving, you have to work on that, but bad places breed bad...faces. You know what I mean.

Kelly said...

Yeah, I wasn't really talking about just moving here, though. Anyway, this was mainly a joke.

Hehehe Nicole, I might get a job at Starbucks in boss tried to transfer me, but they're not hiring right now. So we'll see. But if I do, we can playyyyyyy. Or we can play otherwise.

I was eating sooo many plants.