Friday, October 10, 2008

First Post!


Today I'm at Hampshire with Lou Lou. I'm visiting from Ohio (yucky), and I don't want to go back. Fun things are here. Liz bought me a Hampshire T-shirt today, and it's so prettys. Just like this blog! I went to visit Liv and a few other UMass friends yesterday afternoon! It was fun! I missed the campus and the foliage! Liv and I went for an adventure (yay!)...i.e., we drove around aimlessly and ended up about 15 minutes away from Vermont (Montague?). We saw Stoney Pony Farm, and it made Liv really smiley! My favorite! Mmm...also Liz and I picked up Nicole last night at SMITH!, and we all ate vegan foods. Om nom nom. I don't really know what to write for my first blog.
But soon I'll replace my thoughts from polka dot notebook (that I usually organize at Boston Stoker Cafe in Dayton!) into the internetz! (world wide webz...I hate AP style!)

Now it's snack time! And salvation army time! Bye bye! I love you!


Nicole said...

Yay blogs and vegan foods! (and meeting your adviser while drunk at 6pm on a weekday! I'm a winner!). NOMMM. I'm following your blog!

liz shmackenzie said...

Lou Lou and Kulu!hehehehehehhehe

i love stoney ponies.

Emily said...

hey kelly it's emily!

i hope you had a good time at salvation army. there's a goodwill near here that i want to check out, but, no car. D:

what you should do is, tell me your email address so i can invite you to read my blog! because it is Top Secret. and also fabulous.

what do you think???