Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chai Latte! <-- GO HERE! Family!

That was my favorite today. Soooo, today was my first true day at Starbucks (BUCKIES!) because the other 3 times I've been in, I've never actually served the public! I made so many drinks today! And they let me try all of the ones I've never tried before (which was basically all of them). And at the beginning of the day, my shift supervisor was like "You can try everything, but try to keep count of how many espresso shots you've had...or else you'll go a bit wacky." I forgot to count my espresso shots. DO THE MATH! It was a fun day hehehehe. Everyone's really nice, too. And this one guy that works with me...he's a grad student at UD, and I told him my life I transferred from UMass, and his eyes got so wide and bright. He wants to teach there and live in Northampton. He loves it there. Then he asked me, "why did you transfer from UMass?" And I thought I had a normal answer...but all I said was, "Sometimes I ask myself that same question." He knows what he's doing. He's lucky. Anyhoo. My roommates came to visit me, and I made them drinks! It made me so happy when they came in! They love me! I'm glad I work there! And I hope I can transfer it to Northampton so Liz and Nicole can sit and watch me during my entire shift every day. Because, I've thought about this so much, and I have good days in Ohio (kind of), but I hate wasting every day away from people and things that make me happy and comfy and fuzzy. So, it's stupid being 13 hours away. Stupy!
In related news, Olivia and I were on the phone last night for ALMOST 2 hours. She counted. It was cute. And I was hopped up on tequila for a bit!
I just spilled soooo much Green Mountain nummies salsa on Doug. Doug's my computer. He's funnie guy. (Did you get my pun there?)
I just got back from Kroger like an hour ago, and I got sooo many veggies and tofus and hummus and soy nuggets (BBQ SAUCE). Lulu made me a recipe list that is 11 pages long of vegetarian nom noms. Tomorrow I'm going to have granola and fruit and yogurt for BFAST before BUCKIES, and I'll get home at 5, and this is my din-din plan:

Mexican Tortilla Pizzas!
2 (6-inch) fajita-size flour tortillas
1 can (16 oz. each) refried beans
1 cup taco sauce - medium
1 cup chopped green bell pepper
1 cup chopped red bell pepper
2 green onions, sliced
Some cheese
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper (optional)

Preheat oven to 400 Fahrenheit. Place tortillas on baking sheet(s).

Bake for 3 to 4 minutes or until crisp.
Spread beans evenly over tortillas. Spread taco sauce evenly over beans. Top with bell peppers, green onions and crushed red pepper. Add cheese.

Bake for 7 to 8 minutes. Top with additional toppings (salsa, guac, sour cream..) Cut into wedges.

(Courtesy of Lulu. She makes her recipes funny!)
I'm excited! Not nervy at all! My roommates want me to cook for them! I'm spreading vegetarianism in Ohio! Kind of!

It's Sunday now. Annndddd last night, I had a dream that Nicole was famous, and I learned things about her in my Sociology class. Obvz. Why wouldn't Nicole be famous?! Hehehehe. My dream wasn't too clear as to what Nicole was famous for, give me ideas! I'll make a story!



liz shmackenzie said...

I just laughed at this entry for like 4000 minutes. Serving the public! DO THE MATH! I can't wait until you work at the Northampton BUCKIES and I love Doug FUNNY hehehe.

Nicole's famous because her face looks like a poop. YOU KNOW THIS.

I'm excited you got tofu and stuff! TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!

Nicole said...


Yay foooodz!

Emily said...

if i come to your starbucks, will you make me an iced chai latte with no ice and not make fun of me for it? those are my favorite, and the trick is you get more if there's no ice, it just sounds a little funny because it's 'ICED chai' but without the ice. i got one in england this summer and when they put it on the counter, the barista said 'iced chai with no basically, cold chai' which was funny, but i don't know. i don't want to be an annoying snotty starbucks customer? DILEMMA.

i like your doug funnie pun :D

i hope ohio gets better and that you figure out what you are doing, like 'this one guy who works with you' who's name you didn't say.

so much exciting food and things in this post! it is making me crave food that is not from the cafeteria here, but really that is normal. i have taquitos in the freezer, actually, but i just had a lot of ice cream so maybe i am not so hungry, actually?

i think that you should know that the word verification says 'ljzsmrf', kind of liks 'smurf'! what fun!

what a long comment.