Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And On the Radio. You Hear November Rain.

I hate not having a camera. My Canon powershot (which actually lasted me about five solid years) is now dead. And it's all my fault. I spilled water on him. SadsadsadsadsadFACE. (Remember FACE from Nickelodeon?) Once I get a new camera for Christmas (wantwantwant a Nikon!), I'm going to start posting pictures on here! Most likely of flowers and snow and beautiful things and [beautiful, maybe] people! Yay. Want.

New things. Hm. I was just reading this book [which is really, really overdue to the library! ahh!] by the editors of the Green Living Journal, and one of the chapters of the book is called "Why to Bike to Work"... Which, by the way, I would love to do, if I had a bike in Ohio, or at all...I always see one of my coworkers, Andy, biking to work, and I always beep at him and wave freakishly, as I pull in the parking lot with ease in my little red nissan, and I don't know if he thinks it's funny or not. He's like 47 years old. Oh well. Anyway. I want a bike. And, this chapter gave a whole list of reasons why you should bike to work. Here's the best ones:
  • Driving too much results in eye-strain, backaches, migraines, weight gain, and highway hypnosis. Bicycling too much results in sexy calves and thigh muscles.
  • Drivers who fall asleep at the wheel result in 20,000 accidents per year. Bicyclists who fall asleep simply fall down.
  • Road-rage abounds. Bike-lane rage is as yet unheard of.
  • A car requires insurance, registration, and a valid California license. A bicycle requires the sense of balance of an eight-year-old.
Those were just the funny ones, but, biking to work is definitey an obvious choice to help with global sustainability! So hooray for bikes! I should get one!

I was mainly reading this book about sustainability because I have to do a presentation for my communications module about my major--so, I chose an aspect of photojournalism. I found this photographer, Perry Dilbeck, who started a 10 year documentary project [which is now titled The Last Harvest] about a group of farmers and the deterioration of their farms and inevitably, their livelihood, due to an increase in big factory farms and sooo much consumerism! Yay! So, yeah, basically, I want to feature this photo-story in my presentation, and kind of talk about how local farms are beneficial to us--how they're more environmentally friendly (i.e., less carbon emissions from big factory trucks delivering veggies and they're healthier! less chemicals flying all over the place!) and possibly a few other photographic stories addressing environmentally friendly causes and some photographic trends behind the creation of the actual pictures. (FARM SHARES.)

Liz is going to make me vegan when I go home. I am nervous.

In other news. I'm a freak! No, I don't know. My apartment applications with the Boulders' was approved! Yay! Neighbors with Lulu! My first apartment ever! I'm a grown up! I'm excited to go back home. I was just looking at pictures of some of my friends from home, all hanging out in Amherst, and I was jealous. I want. Soon.

I'm going to make a Mocha syrup snow angel on the floor behind the bar at work on Saturday morning. If they're going to make me open at 5 am, I'm going to make things interesting. Yes I am.

Well, it's time for din-dins! I'm going to make pasta and tofu and num nums!

Today. I will leave you with a quote from my Lindsey-face.
(Over text message)
Boy: Hey, what're you up to?
Lindsey: (thinks for a minute, looks down at her donuts in her lap) Eating 3 donuts...OM NOM NOM...I mean, being popular.

<3 Kulu


Nicole said...

I just dropped my Environmental Science minor, I am baaaad for the environment! Okay, well maybe only academically. But I'm taking Health Psychology and Women & Gender in Contemporary Europe instead, which sounds better than Environmental Chemistry and 3-hour seminar. Now you have new classes to come play in! I hope you really make a mocha snow angel. Doitdoitdoit.

Emily said...

i would suggest you take pictures of your mocha snow angel but i guess that is not an option? what a shame. you'll have to make another one after christmas, is all.

i like your story about bikes! i especially like the quote about falling off bikes! it made me laugh.

also how exciting about your apartment, and being grown up!

good luck being vegan. does that mean you can't eat ice cream?


Kelly said...

Nicole! You're good for the environment! Yay! When you said that, though, I pictured you in a goat costume wearing a green shirt saying, "baaaaad" hehehehe. I'm a freak. Yay for playing in new classes!!!

And emilyyyy, i can eat vegan ice cream. But not real ice cream! Ahh! No, it's fine. I just need practice and help from my sister.

Kelly said...

and by goat, i meant sheep.

liz shmackenzie said...

I wanna be a goat!

Emily said...

you can indeed text me always! hooray unlimited texting!

also i didn't end up climbing on the dinosaur, but i wanted to. everyone else was for taking the path through the woods, which was also fun. next time, though, i will have to. i will text you from atop a dinosaur! probably.

Bethanino said...

this made me think of when we were driving with caitlin once and there were some people on bikes and you said something like , "i hate how they are always in the road but i'm beginning to think they have the right idea." haha, so we should bike around town someday :)