Friday, March 15, 2013

I am constantly traumatized by intrusive thoughts. I am traumatized by the past -- but, not necessarily bad/scary/shameful points in the past. My password to blogger account reminded me of Lars -- specially, remembering when we created this blog together at Hampshire -- and my chest began to hurt. Throbbing pain. Trauma envelops my body and causes actual pain. Two things are going on right now: #1. my dad is visiting #2 my old adviser from UD is collecting data for a newsletter from WGS alumni, and she wants to know what everyone has been up to since graduation. Enveloping pain. Pangs of pain -- Joe didn't think 'pang' was a word during Scrabble last night. Of course it is. I guess I just don't know what I'm doing. I guess I feel as though I have lost a lot, and the thoughts of having cause pain. Anyway, Henry found a new box, so it is a good day for him. xoxo

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Lars said...

good day for henry, bad day for humans. that sounds p. normal.

did you get calling dr laura yet? she has bodily trauma induced pains that make her poop her pants.

you don't need to accomplish items to be a human. dont' let dad or alumni collectors tell you otherwise! being a human is often best lived resisting accomplishments, except for those around sibling relationships, cat relationships, some friendships, etc.