Thursday, February 9, 2012

I have lists.

So, I'm listening to *NSync on Pandora. Are you? If not, you can just say BYE BYE BYE to enjoying this blog. If you don't appreciate the sweet sounds of JT + JC + those other ones, then you won't appreciate the content of this blog.

Woah. Pandora just tried some BSB on me. That's not happening. Immediate thumbs down. Annnnd back to *NSync.

Anyway. Back to Mango talk. Synopsis of my life starting NOW.

Lately, since my life is so strange, & I'm constantly struggling with depression, I decided to make goals for each week. It sounds really lame & like it came out of a self-help book. BUT I CAME UP WITH IT ON MY OWN. I realized at some point that there was a discrepancy between the things that I like to do and the things that I actually do. I have more confidence when I do things that are "self-nourishing". So, I've been riding my bike daily, being creative more often, reading for pleasure, cooking/baking things from scratch!, being involved in the community, and so on! It's a nice mixture between doing introverted things for myself and doing active things - outside of my brain. It's really great. I'm paying attention to events going on in Yellow Springs, too. I will not let WINTER BLUES bring me down!

I had a really great conversation with Caitlin tonight. We talked about everything and nothing. I haven't kept many friends over the years, but I know that I will always have her. She's a really great person, and I feel very lucky to call her my best friend. *tear drops*

In unrelated news, I've begun my work at the domestic violence resource agency, as the development intern. It's exciting! My "boss" has put me in charge of a huge program that will be implemented in 2013 - it's quite flattering that she trusts me with this! Being a part of that team has been lovely. Everyone is really dedicated to their jobs, and I admire them.

I could definitely see myself working for a non-profit. However, who knows what the future holds. Hopefully I will get a job at a museum post-graduation, doing similar development items! And perhaps touching art &/or artifacts.

I must confess.
That my lonliness.
Is killing me.
Don't you know I still believe?
That you will be here?
And giving me a sign?
Hit me.
One. More. Time.

Tomorrow I hand in volunteer apps (I am a maniac) & go to Columbus in the evening. My dad was jealous about Joe + my adventure to the Rock + Roll Hall 'o Fame (so many abbrevs), so he asked if we would join him on Saturday for another trip! So, Columbus for us. Northampton for Lars! It's going to be a good weekend for all!

That's it, I suppose. I've only completed 3 of my 8 minutes this evening. GOTTA RUN.

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Lars said...


you only completed 3 minutes????

you are funni.